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Cuba Travel Article in G Magazine

Photos by Alicia Fox

Words by James Galletly

Cuba may not be well known as an eco-travel destination, but its eco-credentials, like its musicians and cigars, are first class.


In 2006, the WWF’s Living Planet Report named Cuba the only nation on earth achieving sustainable development.  This big claim was based on Cubans having a high standard of living (assessed via levels of health, education and GDP) and at the same time maintaining a sustainable Ecological Footprint….



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Cuba Photo Essay

Cuba Pobre : Poor Cuba


Cubans showed me that in some ways their country is one of the richest places on Earth.  The music, the culture and the spirit of the people are so strong.  So alive!

But economically, many Cubans are struggling.  Even with food rations that the government provides for the population, people are struggling to survive on wages which average just $15 per month.


In March 2012 I shot a photo essay for Newsmax, documenting the poor side of Cuba.  Completing this assignment lead me to meet and spend time with some outstandingly wonderful human beings whose spirits actually shone stronger because of their hardships.  It lead me into buildings that were literally crumbling where families still lived and into a world where I got a brief sense of what life is like in a city where food is so scarce that a cup of rice or a couple of bananas are hard to come by.

And all these hardships just make Cubans stronger; more unified and more positive.  They are people who live for the moment, enjoying life simply because they were lucky enough to be born Cuban!


A Havana local outside a dilapidated building on Habana Street, Old Havana (The city’s tourist centre). Shells of colonial buildings stand alongside lived in homes throughout Havana.


A blue car in old Havana Cuba

An old car sits in front of a building facade which has crumbled internally. Old Havana, Cuba


A mother and daughter in their family home, in a block of flats in Central Havana. The room pictured is the entire living space of the family: a shared single bed on one side and toilet on the other – separated from the living area by a plastic curtain. There is no running water so the buckets are filled downstairs and stored in the room.


Living conditions in Havana, Cuba

A single bed and rocking chair are the sum total of the household furniture. Mother and her daughter sit on their bed while the neighbor visits, Central Havana neighbourhood.


Empty store shelver in Havana, Cuba

A store in Central Havana with sparse supplies of tobacco, cigarettes, salt, rice, sugar, beans, oil, coffee and juice


Homeless man in Havana, Cuba

Lazaro has been homeless for 3-4 years. He sleeps in the street. His wife is dead and his children have moved to Mexico. The white bag contains his belongings. He told me he cannot work because of his crippled hand. He said “Many people here are homeless.”  Lazaro is the most memorable person I met in Cuba.


Homeless men in Havana, Cuba

My favourite photo from my whole trip to Cuba.  Three homeless men waiting outside the Comedor in Central Havana, for lunch to be served.


Rooftops in Havana, Cuba

A view looking over Central Havana from Hotel Parque Central, on Paseo del Prado


Broken building in Old Havana, Cuba

Broken building on Amargura Street, Old Havana


Old Havana, Cuba

Old Havana, Cuba

Electricity in Havana Cuba

Entrance to residential building in Central Havana, the electricity wires run from the meter box up to each individual residence.


Havana Cuba

Wooden supports on a building in Central Havana

Homeless man and bins in Old Havana, Cuba

Homeless man looking at clothes in the trash on a popular tourist street in Old Havana


To see more of my published photos please visit www.aliciafox.net/published/

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Cuban Countryside

I’d fallen in love with Havana before I even arrived in Cuba, but I hadn’t heard much about Cuba’s countryside, a part of the country that I fell in love with at first sight.



Sunrise cycling around Viñales, Cuba


The rich colours of a tobacco farm and farmhouse in Viñales, with a mogote (limestone formation) in the background


Yovel is harvesting his tobacco. He has an agreement with the government in which his rents the land free of charge then sells the dried tobacco to the state. He is free to grow vegetables for his family on this land.


A farmer working the land with oxen, preparing to plant yucca.

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