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Fall in California

Autumn in the Mountains

Recently, I was having a very interesting conversation with one of my closest friends in which she described heaven to me. I think of her every morning when I see the sun peek over the mountains and spread its long golden rays across the valleys before me, valleys that on most days are flooded by a thick layer of clouds. I’m staying in a beautiful part of the planet, where the intoxicating nature all around can let you forget about the developed, industrialised, fast paced world that begins down at the bottom of the mountain.

Right now, the landscape here is making a dramatic transition from green to red to orange. It’s heavenly. Every day the fog seems to sit a little higher in the valleys as winter draws closer, and the deer, squirrels and jack rabbits are harder to spot. I find myself gasping in visual pleasure nearly every time I go outside.

.I didn’t do any post production on these shots other than developing them from RAW to JPG in Lightroom. I guess my photography style is changing and I am gaining appreciation for getting the shot right in camera, because I was happy with the photos exactly as they were shot.

.I love this as an opening shot because it’s so simple, yet it says so much – the age of the vehicle, the location and the feel of the surrounding landscape.

.I’ve always had a fascination with beautiful, old cars. The only car I have ever owned was a 1964 EH Holden, named Edwin. I love this shot for a number of reasons, especially the subject, the light quality, the angle and perspective and the dramatic clouds in the top corner.

I’ve always had a soft spot for wide angle shots.

I love these last three shots for the detail and texture.

.I’d love to hear your comments.

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Travel Photos for sale

This week I had my first sale through ETSY delivered to a very happy customer.
Check out my photos for sale, especially if you are looking to decorate your walls or give a special gift. International delivery is available.

“I received the print & I LOVE it! I’m taking it to the framer on Monday & can’t wait to get it back & hang it up. My husband & I recently bought a new house & Cloud Forest will be the centerpiece of our dining room.”

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