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Indigo Bazaar Shoot – Ethical Fashion Photography

Indigo Bazaar is an ethical fashion company providing beautiful clothing that is made in a way that is good for the environment and for the garment workers and artisans who are part of the production.  As consumers become more aware of the dangerous and unfair working conditions involved with fast fashion, entrepreneurs like Carlie Ballard, founder of Indigo Bazaar, are providing alternatives for those of us who want to know that our clothing comes with good karma.


I photographed these natural portraits of Carlie wearing Indigo Bazaar, for her promotions and online profiles.  It was a wonderfully fun afternoon with Carlie and Make up Artist Emily, from LittleFox Makeup Artistry.  





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Costa Rica Fashion Shoot

I have just finished editing photos from my recent fashion shoot for Surf Bikini Designer, Desi.

Desi is a surfer and fashion designer from Venezuela who custom designs bikinis and clothes for girls in Costa Rica. I had a wonderful time meeting Desi, all the models and all who helped on the two days of shooting. Muchas Gracias a todos.

Here is a link to the look book.

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Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a beautiful, colonial town in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. We arrived at night to the sounds of Cuban-infused jazz drifting through the warm, heavy air. There were kids playing football in the street, vendors selling maize bread and friendly men offering us water, marijuana, cocaine…

Inside the walls sits an elegant city centre, where we wandered the quiet streets and took in the Cartagena in all her beauty.

Beautiful negra women sell fruit in the traditional dress of the area.

The climate makes for a slow lifestyle with a lot of sitting around and sleeping in the shade of the city streets or gardens.

One of the entrances to the walled city, this archway is about 5 metres thick.

The traditional mixed with the modern. You can buy anything from local handicrafts from the artisanas on the footpath, to the latest fashions in air conditioned boutiques.

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New Japan Fashion Photos

I’ve just added some new Japan fashion photos to www.aliciafox.net

Check them out

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Metropolis Magazine Tokyo

One of my photos from the shoot with fashion designer and model, Leanne Yew was used for this article in Metropolis. Here is a link to the online article

Metropolis Magazine, Tokyo Japan


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Final Tokyo Fashion Shoots

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. I have been busy with 1 month of holidays in the amazing islands of Okinawa, in the very south of Japan. Of course I couldn’t help myself and ended up doing 2 shoots with beautiful Okinawan models Seiko and Cece. I also got a chance to catch up on my editing before a busy week of shooting in Tokyo.

I had a ball choosing and shooting gorgeous garments from Somarta, Matohu, Motonari Ono and Saphir East.
Many thanks to Shigeki and Esteem PR Management. Also, thanks to all the models, assistants, make up artist and hair stylists. It was a full on week (from which I have nearly recharged) and we got some amazing photos.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from a shoot with Stylist Yoshinori, Make Up Artist Kanto and beautiful Russian model, Maria. I had planned to shoot on a gorgeous bridge in Odaiba which was deserted the previous days. On the day of the shoot the bridge was buzzing with people because of a matsuri, so half way through the shoot we were kindly asked to leave by the officials. It turned out to be a blessing as I found a great space with perfect afternoon sunlight, where we completed the shoot.



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Tokyo Kaleidoscope fashion shoot

Tokyo Kaleidoscope is the boutique fashion label of Tokyo-based, Melbourne designer Leanne Yew.

Leanne searches throughout the Sunday markets at Tokyo’s temples to find used kimonos, which she transforms into beautiful one-off pieces. Click here to visit the Tokyo Kaleidoscope website. We did this fashion shoot on the dark sands of Ichinomiya Beach, Chiba. Leanne is modeling her own garments.



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Behind the scenes – fashion shoot

Here are some behind the scenes shots from a really fun shoot I did in late July. The styling was by Honda San who amazed us all with the extraordinary garments. He and his assistants worked so hard all day organising the clothes, jewelry, accessories and shoes. Make up was again done by Annco – we just love working together. She is always so much fun and has wonderful ideas for hair and make-up. The models were Hiroshi and Alex who did a great job and made the day a lot of fun for everybody.

Honda san with Alex on the roof for sunset, with Shinjuku skyline in the background
Annco and Honda san with Hiroshi. He did so well to wear this fur jacket on what must have been a 35degree day – definitely the hottest day I have experienced in Japan.

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Everlasting Sprout fashion shoot

Thank you to all the Fashion Designers, Models, Stylists and Make Up Artists who have worked with me so far on my photo shoots in Japan. I’m having so much fun dreaming up the concepts and seeing them come to life with the help of many beautiful people.

These images are from a shoot I did last week in Ichinomiya with Aya from D’xim model agency. Make Up and hair was styled by Annco and the garments are from at Everlasting Sprout.


We shot last Saturday. I found the location that morning when I was on my morning bicycle ride. It was so beautiful that I changed all my previous location plans to shoot there. We were so lucky, because as I passed the property exactly one week later, the gorgeous house covered in vines was being demolished.

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Japanese Bodypaint Shoot

Here is a photo from my recent bodypaint shoot. I wanted a strong Japanese theme, with white skin influenced by geisha, acting as a canvas for the Japanese flowers across Alex’s face and body. The fan, flowers and chopsticks enhance the flavour, to create a set of images that I love.
The girls were amazing. Annco did the bodypaint and make up on our model Alex Brooks.

We had a lot of fun shooting this. We originally intended to shoot outside, but after discussing the timid nature of most Japanese people (even in Tokyo) we decided that it was probably too confronting to photograph a ‘naked’ woman outside. We decided to shoot in Annco’s apartment against a perfect white wall, and the other 3 walls were close enough to act as a soft box with the single Speedlight flash.

Thanks to the girls.

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Kimono Shoot – Ebisu, Tokyo

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the kimono shoot I did on Sunday. Naomi, the stylist is a professional kimono dresser in Tokyo. I now understand why you need a license to dress kimonos – the number of layers required, and the skill involved in all the folding and tying is phenomenal. Shoko did a great job assisting Naomi (and me) and Hideyuki did a wonderful job on Aya’s hair and make up.

The first theme was sporty, and the styling included wired shoelaces in Aya’s hair and Nike high top sneakers. The second merged Chinese and Japanese traditional styles to create a uniquely classic look. With two sets of make up, hair and kimono, it was a long day but we all had a lot of fun and I’m really happy with the photos we finished with.


(Wherever you are in Tokyo, there are always onlookers)

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My Book

I have been really busy lately shooting for my Japan Fashion photo book, which I am aiming to publish next year. It’s been really exciting, and I’m really happy with the results of all the shoots so far. It’s also given me the opportunity to work with a whole lot of beautiful, talented people. I have been meeting with some amazing fashion designers in Tokyo, planning shoots for the coming weeks, so watch this space for updates.

Pic: This is Tsuya, a lovely actress from Tokyo. We had a lot of fun spending a day shooting around Tokyo with her cosplay outfits (Japan has a big sub-culture of girls dressing up as characters from anime – her outfits on the day ranged from a maid to gothic).

If anyone has any info or advice on publishing that would be greatly appreciated. I have a fair idea of how to find a publisher, but it is my first book so I’m open to any advice.

x Alicia

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Fashion Editorial

This was the first fashion shoot that I did in Japan. We shot at the ANA hotel in Tokyo in the early hours of a cool Spring evening. The sun went down faster than expected, so we improvised with some flash, which provided some beautiful results.


Thank you for the crew for all your wonderful work –

Styling – Kelly Wetherille
Hair & Make-up – ANnCO
Model – Lucia and Justin
and our great Assistants.

It was printed in Tokyo Weekender magazine, June 19-July 2 issue

Please visit my website to see that pages at a larger size.

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What the kids are up to in Tokyo

Yesterday I had an amazing day in Tokyo, meeting a whole lot of interesting young people. They have a lot to say to the world, and they choose to do say it through the way they dress. Many of the teenagers here spend six days a week at school, after school club sports and study classes. Sunday is their only day off and they choose to express their individuality through extreme dress.

A lot of the costumes are based on anime characters. Animation is unbelievably popular in Japan, amongst children, teenagers and adults. Kids in Harajuku, Tokyo ‘become’ their characters once a week, and hang around other people doing the same – From cute dolls with pink hair, to gothic-like characters covered in piercings. Anything goes!


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Online Shop coming soon

Thanks for all the feedback about my blog. It’s been great to hear from everybody and find out who is following my journey in and around the place.

I have had more and more people ask whether I my photos are for sale, so I will start working on an Online Store page and let you know when it’s up on my website www.aliciafox.net

Until then, I’m going to go and enjoy the sunshine and head up to Harajuku tomorrow to get some photos of the girls and boys dressing up in some of the worlds most extreme fashion. Peace x

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