Lake Atitlan – Guatemala

I was looking for a place to stop and do a bit of work and I wanted to make it a kind of retreat, to get my creative juices flowing.  Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is the perfect place for a photography and writing retreat.  I spent time at some beautiful hotels in Panajachel, San Pedro and San Macos – three different villages, all tranquil in their own way.  I was doing work for hotels while also working on my own projects.

Here are a couple of shots from one beautiful sunrise I spent in San Pedro la Laguna.

Lake Atitlan has risen dramatically this year and buildings, shelters and lakeside recreational areas such as the one above have become submerged.  Some of the local Mayans think the rising water is related to The 2012 Shift, some just blame the rain.

These are the traditional fishing boats used by Mayan fishermen each morning on Lake Atitlan.  They spear the fish with reeds then take their catch home or sell them in their villages.  It’s beautiful to watch and a wonderful example of slow, simple living.


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