Tiny House Workshop Flyer copy

Tiny House Building Workshop in Australia

  This is the second tiny house building workshop in Australia, that I now of.  It’s pretty exciting. The tiny house movement is really starting to take hold here in Oz.   But that’s not all, this workshop is supported by The Bower,  who are hands down my favorite place to go for second hand building materials in Sydney.  Tiny… Read more →

James The Upcyclist

The Tiny (house) article on Recycled Interiors

Recycled Interiors did a great write up about The Tiny and our project to explore the tiny house movement in Australia, as well as building with recycled materials.  In building The Tiny, I not only wanted to expose people to the idea of tiny house living and downsizing, but also how possible it is to build with pre-used materials, so… Read more →

Tiny House Article in Junkies magazine

The Tiny in Junkies Magazine

  Junkies magazine is a new Australia eco mag promoting a sustainable lifestyle.  The (recycled paper) pages are filled with inspiration about how to live a happy, fulfilled and positive life without costing the earth.  They are all about reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.  And upcycling of course! I am really happy to be included in Junkies magazine, with a… Read more →