About Us


Alicia Fox

 Alicia Fox Photographer in the Amazon, Peru

I am an internationally published photographer who works with ethically driven companies and not-for-profit organisations to produce beautiful photographs that make people pay attention.  I specialise in eco fashion and lifestyle photography, and NGO photography.


When I am not taking photos or milling over shoot ideas, I love to dance (salsa and belly dancing).  I also enjoy being in my veggie patch.  I can be a little shy at times, but send me on a photo assignment and that all changes.  I have trekked for days into the jungle to meet the real protectors of the Amazon. I’ve taken planes to remote outposts following nothing more than vague assurances of photo opportunities.  And I’ve spent days befriending timid little girls in order to have them relax when I pick up the camera.  Photography really has taken me around the world and sharing that world though my photos is what makes me happy.


James Galletly

Photo Set builder James Galletly on location for Tree of Life, Sydney

My partner James is an integral part of my business.  With an impressive array of skills and experience (including Environmental Scientist, Carpenter, Writer, Teacher and Business Owner), he fulfills many roles.  These include Photo Set Builder, Article Writer, Sustainability Researcher and Photography Assistant.



The Power of Photography

I believe that exceptional photography has the power to cut through dialog and conversation and reach directly into the heart of the viewer.   This emotional connection can be used to move people to action.  I feel a great sense of responsibility to use the power of photography to bring about positive action in the world.

Photos have the power to create desire – for a certain product, experience or way of life, and every dollar consumers spend is ultimately a vote for what continues to exist in the world.  That is why I choose to work only with companies that are making a positive contribution to our world.


Eco Credentials

I run my business in the most environmentally friendly manner I know.  Developing this an ongoing process and am always looking for ways to improve my eco credentials.  If you have any questions about what I do or suggestions about how I can do it better please send me an email.


So far I

  • have a paperless and chemical free studio and office
  • use second hand equipment including studio lighting, iPhone and computer
  • fuel myself on local, organic and chemical free food
  • wear clothes from eco conscious labels, op-shops, garage sales and second hand stores (You’d be amazed what I find)
  • use natural light and reflectors for shooting when possible
  • carbon offset every photo shoot
  • when I have to take planes (and I know how bad they are) I carbon offset the flight
  • ride my bike or take public transport, and when I need to drive, go in James’ car which runs on bio-diesel (processed waste oil from our local take-away restaurants).

Watch this space for improvements.


I am committed to supporting organisations that are doing outstanding work for the environment and those less fortunate.  10% of my profits go to Action Aid and Rainforest Rescue.  I also participate in fundraising efforts for Empowerment International and Amazon Watch, and I donate my time and skills to a selection of other charities.


Publications and NGO work includes:

Magazines and Newspaper Pubications

  • Peppermint (Australia)
  • Green Lifestyle (Australia)
  • Slow Living (Australia)
  • The Australian (Australia)
  • The Daily Mail (Australia)
  • The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)
  • Tide (Germany)
  • Shutterbug (USA)
  • House & Garden (Australia)
  • Frankie (Australia)
  • Atmosphere (Canada & International)
  • EOS Magazine (UK)
  • Blue magazine (Japan)
  • Outdoor Japan (Japan)
  • Metropolis (Japan)
  • Tokyo Weekender (Japan)
  • Surfgirl (UK)
  • The Surfers Path (UK)
  • Concrete Wave (Canada)
  • DISfunkshion Magazine (USA)
  • Rolling Stone (Australia)
  • Jetstar Magazine (International)
  • Surfing World (Australia)
  • Tracks (Australia)



  • Cool Earth
  • Eco Tribal
  • Pro Mujer
  • Otra Cosa Network
  • Opportunity International
  • Empowerment International
  • International Women’s Development Agency
  • Unicef
  • Totoco Foundation
  • Vision Guatemala
  • Rising Minds
  • ISA International
  • I-Manifest